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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, located in Western Europe, is considered the second largest economy in Europe. It consists of four countries: England, Northern Island, Scotland and Wales. The UK is a developed and the first industrialized country in the world. Manufacturing is a significant part of the economy. The European Union's Common Agricultural Policy financially supports agriculture. The chief crops include barley, potatoes, oats, maize for animal feeds and sugar beet. Latest rising crops include linseed for oil and hemp for fiber production. In Europe, the UK stands as the second largest poultry producer. Their chief livestock include cattle, sheep and chicken.

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Economy of United Kingdom

British Pound

Fiscal Year

06 April - 05 April




$470 Billion


$600 Billion

Main Industries

machine tools, industrial equipment, scientific equipment, shipbuilding,aircraft, electronic machinery, computers,processed metals,chemical products, coal mining, oil production,paper, food processing,textiles, clothing,consumer goods, motor vehicles and parts

Export Goods

manufactured goods,fuels, chemicals, food,beverages and tobacco.

Import Goods

manufactured goods,machinery, fuels and foodstuffs.